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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven

The Ascension of Jesus

(Feast of the Ascension is forty days after Easter)

Then they gathered around him and asked him, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?”

He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.

They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them. “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky? This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.” Acts 1:6-11

Stained glass window photographed inside Our Lady of Victories Church, Paterson, NJ, USA.

Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Tribute to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

By Stephen B. Whatley

By Stephen B. Whatley |

A new tribute drawing of the first native-born citizen of the USA to be made a Saint by the Roman Catholic Church: Elizabeth Ann Seton (New York, 1774 –1821).

She established the first Catholic school in the nation, at Emmitsburg, Maryland, where she founded the first American congregation of Religious Sisters, the Sisters of Charity; which would go on to open orphanages in Philadelphia & New York City.

Elizabeth Ann Seton suffered many trials in her life including the early loss of her mother; and her tenderness and love for All God's Creatures is symbolized in this work, one of several baby birds she was said to have saved in childhood.

Her sainthood was ensured by three miracles of healing she performed: two of cancer and one of encephalitis. She is the Patron Saint of Catholic Schools.

Elizabeth Ann Seton was beatified on March 17, 1963, by Pope John XXIII who said on the occasion, “In a house that was very small, but with ample space for charity, she sowed a seed in America which by Divine Grace grew into a large tree.”

When she was canonized on September 14, 1975 in a ceremony in St. Peter’s Square, Rome, Pope Paul VI said, “Elizabeth Ann Seton is a saint. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is an American. All of us say this with special joy, and with the intention of honoring the land and the nation from which she sprang forth as the first flower in the calendar of the saints. Elizabeth Ann Seton was wholly American! Rejoice for your glorious daughter. Be proud of her. And know how to preserve her fruitful heritage.”
This drawing, inspired by prayer & various historical images, was created on the Feast Day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: January 4, 2014.

Charcoal on paper
23.4 x 16.5in/59 x 41cm

Stephen B. Whatley Gallery

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Our Lady of Medjugorje's Monthly Message to Mirjana Soldo

Cross of Light, Mine Hill, NJ - Photo by Loci B. Lenar

Medjugorje Today - News Agency Reporting on the Virgin Mary's Apparitions in Medjugorje

Our Lady's March 2, 2013 Message to Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo

"Dear children! Anew, in a motherly way, I am calling you not to be of a hard heart. Do not shut your eyes to the warnings which the Heavenly Father sends to you out of love. Do you love Him above all else? Do you repent for having often forgotten that the Heavenly Father, out of His great love, sent his Son to redeem us by the Cross? Do you repent for not yet having accepted the message? My children, do not resist the love of my Son. Do not resist hope and peace. Along with your prayer and fasting, by His cross, my Son will cast away the darkness that wants to surround you and come to rule over you. He will give you the strength for a new life. Living it according to my Son, you will be a blessing and a hope to all those sinners who wander in the darkness of sin. My children, keep vigil. I, as a mother, am keeping vigil with you. I am especially praying and watching over those whom my Son called to be light-bearers and carriers of hope for you – for your shepherds. Thank you."

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lent at the End of an Age

Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

The following excerpt is from

By Bevil Bramell, OMI

We are at the end of an age. And that is a fact that must loom large in the inventory of our Christian lives, for which we are all individually responsible. The priest or bishop or professor who misled us in college will not be with us at the judgment seat. Neither will “the culture” or the media. Lent is the suitable time to put aside all excuses and to reflect on larger concerns, which are becoming more acute with each passing year.

The “take-out” model of parishes – where you drop in to church for the sacraments and little else – has left generations of U.S. Catholics poorly informed and largely unprepared for a culture that no longer supports life, basic faith, truth, or morality. So for Catholics, this is the question: how do I carve out my life in a world that constantly contradicts what I believe so that I become a saint?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent is a Time for Spiritual Renewal of the Soul

Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

Commentary By Loci B. Lenar

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent for many Christian denominations including Catholics. Lent prepares us through sacrifice and prayer for a spiritual renewal of the soul. However, Easter rejuvenates our lives as God the Father calls us to live by the gospels of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by transforming us into the resurrected image of His divine son.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

2012 A Year of Divine Favor

Photo by Loci B. Lenar

By Loci B. Lenar

In a spiritual locution I received on December 28, 2011, Jesus communicated that 2012 will also be a year of divine favor.  On December 22, 2010, Our Lord conveyed the same message regarding 2011.
Therefore, I am repeating what I wrote previously about the message: The key to answered prayer is to remain faithful to the gospels.
Pray for your families and friends. Pray for loved ones. Pray for those in need of healing from illness. Pray for restoration of marriages and finances. Pray for our nation and world. Pray for an era of peace and Christian unity.

I believe God's time has arrived to evangelize the world with a great move of the Holy Spirit as we move forward in this decade. 

Now is the time to act with the power of prayer.  Pray with an open heart and give thanks and praise to Our Lord!

I believe it's time to remove all negativity that may hinder your ability to move forward, and focus on the promises God gives us by reading the gospels. Trust and believe in the word of God and let Our Lord Jesus Christ guide you to peace and answered prayer.
"See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” Isaiah 42:9
Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:23-24
May Our Lord open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing of divine favor.

Both locutions were shared with my spiritual advisor, Father Richard Tartaglia of St. Mary's Church, Denville, NJ, USA.

In need of prayer? Send requests to

Friday, January 13, 2012

Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist

September 2011 issue of Catholic Life

Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

With permission of Stephen B. Whatley and Catholic Life magazine, we are reprinting a feature article about this talented contemporary artist on

With the start of 2012, this story is making its public debut for the very first time on the internet. The feature first appeared in the September 2011 issue of Catholic Life, published in England, UK. Stephen is also a resident of London.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary by Stephen B. Whatley

Painting in bold and colorful abstract strokes, this Expressionist artist is gaining international recognition with collectors, especially for his Christian Tributes.

"My work springs from my heart and soul and I give credit to God. I thank God in particular for the blessing of sight..." -Stephen B. Whatley    
Stephen B. Whatley

Baptized as an Anglican, Stephen B. Whatley was drawn to the Catholic Church by friends that he met at school and also was influenced through liturgy of the faith by attending Mass. The life of the saints have left a profound impression on Stephen while his portraits of Jesus and the Blessed Mother are a reflection of his strong Christian faith. All of this combined with prayer has led him to be a practicing Catholic.

In light of the fact that many Anglicans are joining the Catholic Church today, I believe this artists' spiritual journey of faith is one of many signs of God's plan in unifying Christianity.

Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist is a heartfelt and amazing front page feature in Catholic Life magazine written by Tony Galcius.  

This feature story can be read on at the following link: Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist

To visitors of, Stephen's artwork appears on several pages with devotional prayers, including The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mr. Lenar is the Founder of

Mr. Lenar

Loci B. Lenar is the founder and administrator of  Mr. Lenar also shares his personal testimony on the website regarding his own spiritual journey through the Catholic faith.

Since its inception in 2008, the homepage counter has logged over 510,000 visitors from around the world, including the USA, Canada, The United Kingdom (UK), India, Australia, Philippines, Germany, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and many others.

The website is built on the foundation of Christianity and the gospels, designed as a public ministry of faith and hope with spiritual news for the community.

With an increase number of reports related to the miraculous, the site was constructed and launched by Mr. Lenar to help spread the good news in order to create public awareness of signs and wonders arising from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Copyright 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

John Paul the Great Catholic University Students Win National Video Contest

Get Clean‬‏ - YouTube

After a near 25,000 hits on YouTube, JP Catholic student Melinda Collins wins the nation-wide i-Confess video contest with her video "Get Clean."

Press Release from John Paul the Great Catholic University:

SAN DIEGO, CA - July 25, 2011 - The Diocese of Brooklyn partnered with the Archdiocese of New York and the Diocese of Rockville Centre to use social and digital media to shine light on the sacrament of Confession and promote a Lenten Day of Reconciliation on April 18. The contest, which ended on May 7, had simple criteria: each 60-second video needed orthodoxy and artistic quality, and would be judged on YouTube ratings and number of views. "Get Clean" was quickly noted for its high quality, stunning artistry, and compelling story of a girl suffering from the effects of sin who finds healing in the sacrament of Confession. Noticed by countless Catholic bloggers and shared enthusiastically on Facebook, "Get Clean" quickly reached close to 25,000 YouTube hits, surpassing every competitor.

Melinda Collins is a student at John Paul the Great Catholic University, an institution dedicated to Impacting Culture for Christ at the intersection of entrepreneurship, entertainment media, and theology in San Diego, California. Melinda Collins, a sophomore, had simple wishes for her entry. "My highest hope was that the idea would get me an 'A' in one of my media classes; I discovered God exceeds expectations," she stated. A devout Catholic and active participant in the sacraments, Collins hopes "Get Clean" will fuel thought about the authentic forgiveness offered through Confession, as well as encourage the appreciation and utilization of modern artistic mediums to spread the Gospel.

A $25,000 scholarship will go to Melinda Collins and her school of choice as a reward for her efforts.

Martin Harold, Director of Admissions
John Paul the Great Catholic University
858-653-6740 ext. 1101

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Pope Benedict XVI: "We need Christians convinced and convincing" Benedict XVI: "We need Christians convinced and convincing"

The following excerpt is from Gloria.TV:

The Church of today needs "disciples of Christ who are brave and faithful, devoted only to him, and who are convinced and convincing." These were the words of Pope Benedict when he arrived Saturday afternoon in Aquileia, an ancient Roman port city containing what is considered the mother-church of the region. It was the first leg of his two-day trip to northeastern Italy. He welcomed public authorities, bishops and faithful from the region, and those from areas evangelized from the Mother Church of Aquileia in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Bavaria. In the city's historic Chapter Square, the Pope underlined that the Church of that city was the ninth of the Roman Empire and the Fourth of Italy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A New Springtime of Christian Unity has arrived in the Church

The Holy Spirit
Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

Anglican Converts Send Easter Message of Hope for New Springtime in the Church - International - Catholic Online

The following excerpt is from Catholic Online:

By Randy Sly

WASHINGTON, DC (Catholic Online) - Around 900 Anglicans, including 61 clergy, from England and Wales became Catholics this Easter in response to the invitation from Pope Benedict through what is commonly being called the Anglican Ordinariate.

It is a sign of things to come and the flowering of unity that has long been desired by many on both sides of the Anglican-Catholic chasm. Soon we will also receive word of a second wave - the Anglican Ordinariate in North America.

Read more: Anglican Converts Send Easter Message

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter: Jesus is Risen!

 Resurrection of Jesus
Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

The Resurrection of Jesus

Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave.

And behold, a severe earthquake had occurred, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled away the stone and sat upon it.

And his appearance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.

The guards shook for fear of him and became like dead men.

The angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid; for I know that you are looking for Jesus who has been crucified."

"He is not here, for He has risen, just as He said. Come, see the place where He was lying."

"Go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead; and behold, He is going ahead of you into Galilee, there you will see Him; behold, I have told you."

And they left the tomb quickly with fear and great joy and ran to report it to His disciples.   (Matthew 28:1-8)

The stained glass window of the Resurrection of Jesus can be seen inside the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Catholic church is located on High Street in Hackettstown, NJ, USA.

Photograph Copyright 2011 Loci B. Lenar

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Astonishing Variety of People Joining Catholic Church this Easter

Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

US Catholic Church Finds Astonishing Variety of People Joining this Easter - U.S. - Catholic Online

The following excerpt is from Catholic Online:

WASHINGTON, DC (CNA) - A Muslim, a family of seven, a marine, a former abortion clinic administrator - these are just a few of the many faces of people from around the country who are slated to join the Catholic Church at Easter.

The U.S. bishops' conference recently profiled a handful of unique stories from individuals in different states, each of whom will be either baptized or confirmed during the Church's universal celebration of the Easter Vigil on April 24.

Although the numbers are still trickling in for this year, the conference reported that in 2010, there were over 43,000 adult baptisms in the U.S. and more than 75,000 people received into full communion with the Church.

Soon-to-be baptized New Orleans resident Ahdija Cheumbike Baker was raised a Muslim. The daughter of a Detroit man and a Tanzanian woman, Baker is one of the 282 catechumens and candidates that the Catholic Church in New Orleans will be welcoming at Easter.

Baker said that she struggled with some of her Muslim beliefs throughout her life and that ultimately, the "love of the Lord" as well as a love interest drove her to start attending a local Catholic church, St. Peter Claver.

Eighteen year-old Kalene Laforest is a Marine and feels compelled to join the Catholic Church before going on assignment in June. A catechumen at St. Peter's Church in LaGrange, Georgia, LaForest said that she wanted a faith with depth, history, deep spirituality, tradition, and "no all-over-the-place craziness." She is among 1,912 who will join the Catholic Church in the Atlanta archdiocese this year.

Across the U.S. in the Archdiocese of San Francisco, a family of seven will be welcomed into the Church. James and Michelle House, who are parishioners at St. Catherine of Siena Parish, will come into full communion at the Easter Vigil. In the following week, infant David, 2 months old, will be baptized, while his siblings Kristina, James, Alexandra and Joseph will be received into the Church.

Michelle House said the family, who are former Episcopalians, found a welcoming community at St. Catherine's when they moved to northern California.

In Austin, Texas, Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director and author of the bestselling book "Unplanned," is getting ready to enter the Catholic Church.

Due to a personnel shortage at the abortion clinic she used to work in, she was called in to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion for the first time in September 2009.

The next few minutes changed Johnson's life irrevocably, as she watched the 13 week-old baby -whom she had believed to be incapable of feeling anything- squirming and twisting to avoid the tube into which it would be vacuumed.

Shocked by what she had seen, Johnson still initially continued her work running the clinic and promoting its work. Just a few weeks later, however, she was in the nearby office of the Coalition For Life, telling its director Shawn Carney that she could no longer continue helping women have abortions.

Johnson and her husband have grown in their faith during the past year, and are now preparing to enter the Catholic Church.

Read more: Variety of People Joining Catholic Church this Easter

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Inspiritional Video: 'Get Clean' through Confession

YouTube - Get Clean

I was reading my emails today and received one from Martin Harold, MBA Director of Admissions at John Paul the Great Catholic University which is promoting a new video produced by the students of the school. The timing of 'Get Clean' could not be any better since many Catholics during Lent refresh their spiritual lives through the church confessional. The inspirational video is designed for a competition to publicize New York's All Day Confessions on Monday, April 18, 2011.

If you enjoy the video's message, please consider visiting YouTube and clicking on the "Like" button to support JP students.  A $25,000 scholarship could be won by the students for producing the timely "Get Clean" video.

John Paul the Great Catholic University is located on 10174 Old Grove Road, San Diego, CA.

For additional information, contact Martin Harold by calling 858-653-6740 ext. 1101.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cross Appears During Lent as a Sign of God's Love

Cross Appears During Lent
 Examining the cross, Brooke said, "It looks like Jesus"
All photographs by Loci B. Lenar

By Loci B. Lenar

As a Christian and practicing Catholic, God has called me to share my spiritual journey with others by being a witness to my faith through signs and wonders which are arising from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In John 3:21, it says: "...whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God."

Since 2005 a cross with an outline of a shield has appeared annually on my property in Mine Hill, New Jersey. Once again on March 27, 2011, rays of light from the sun are shining on the fence and creating an image of a cross. This image has been showing up every morning since last week. The image appears at the top of the fence and slowly descends until it touches the ground. It then changes into a circle and disappears. The cross can be seen for about 30 minutes.

Interesting Note: The sun is on the outside of the fence, while the cross appears on the inside. However, the sun is high above in the sky and God is shining his light upon humanity including our home and property. With that in mind, it's not impossible for God to send rays of light in all directions of the world, including inside our yard and on the fence.   Furthermore, there are no objects in our house windows which might cause a reflection.

I believe that God has opened the windows of heaven and is pouring out the Holy Spirit on our world.  Joel 2:28 says, "...I will pour out my Spirit on all people..."   

In Psalm 84:11, it says, “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord bestows favor and honor; no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.”

Interestingly, this is the Lenten season, a time of spiritual renewal and conversion for Catholics and many Christians as we prepare for Easter.

Jesus said in John 12:46, "I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness."

My wife, Teresa, had invited her cousin Diane Kayal to come visit with her husband and children on Saturday, March 26th. Diane's daughter, Brooke, stayed overnight with my family. Then on Sunday morning, the cross appeared on our backyard fence at around 9:00 AM. Brooke went outside to examine the image. I photographed her standing next to the cross and Brooke said in awe, "It looks like Jesus."

Prior to Sunday, I went on March 24th to visit my spiritual advisor, Fr. Richard Tartaglia to speak with him about spiritual matters including the cross that began to appear once more on our property. I also gave Fr. Tartaglia an open invitation to visit my home to see the cross appear for himself.

On Monday, March 28th, I dropped off some photographs in the rectory office at St. Mary's Parish, which is located in Denville, NJ, for Fr. Tartaglia to examine and to keep for church archives.  Fr. Tartaglia is my spiritual advisor for over fifteen years.

I believe this cross is a sign for the world. God is forgiving and sending a message of love for people to return to the sacraments of the church and to reconcile through confession.

Our Lord is calling everyone to make a sincere effort to attend weekly church services or Holy Mass.  In doing so, it helps to receive Our Lord's blessings and divine favor.  

He is calling each person to pray for world peace and divine protection so that violence can be mitigated.  

Jesus is calling everybody to open their heart to receive the Holy Spirit in order to have peace in their lives and families and throughout the world. 

I believe the Lord's plan is to move forward with an era of peace as foretold by Our Lady of Fatima in her 1917 apparitions in Fatima, Portugal, and to fulfill Revelation 20:1-3 with a thousand-year reign of God's peace.  To read Our Lady's message, please visit the following link: The Fatima Message

I believe that if enough people pray, the course of history will change through God's divine intervention.

"For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1:37

May Our Lady intercede on behalf of humanity for God's mercy to enfold our world with peace and love.

May Our Heavenly Father bless you and answer all your prayers through his Divine Son, Jesus Christ.

Copyright 2011 Loci B. Lenar

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory

2011 NJ Provincial Directory
Courtesy of Catholic Star Herald 

2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory - Catholic Star Herald

Genealogy of Jesus
Photo by Loci B. Lenar
Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

I am delighted to announce that my photograph of the Genealogy of Jesus is published on the book cover of the 2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory. The directory was released in March and has listings for all six New Jersey Catholic Dioceses. The directory supplies useful information about NJ parishes and organizations.

The new 2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory is published by the Catholic Star Herald for the Diocese of Camden and has more than 440 pages.


Image Courtesy of Catholic Star Herald 

The following information is from the website of the 2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory:

While Catholics represent 25 percent of the population in the United States, they represent more than 41 percent of New Jersey’s population, the third largest percentage of Catholics in the nation.

The six New Jersey Catholic dioceses—Newark, Trenton, Camden, Metuchen, Paterson and Passaic—serve more than 3.5 million Catholics in nearly 600 parishes in New Jersey. The 500 Catholic elementary and high schools educate more than 120,000 students every year. The 13 Catholic hospitals and numerous health care facilities in these dioceses serve thousands of New Jersey residents.

Where can you find reliable, up-to-date directory listings for all these Catholic institutions, facilities, organizations and programs?

It’s easy with the New Jersey Provincial Directory, the only publication with directory listings for all six of the Catholic dioceses of New Jersey.

Now in its 69th year, the 2011 New Jersey Provincial Directory, which will be published in February 2011, is the place businesses, educators, clergy, religious, church professionals and Catholic parishioners turn to for the most up-to-date and comprehensive listings for these dioceses.

This year’s edition includes more than 400 pages of listings, including:

All New Jersey Catholic Parishes

Priests, Deacons and Religious

Diocesan Departments, Officials, Staff

Religious Residences and Retreat Houses

Catholic elementary and high schools

Catholic colleges

Catholic hospitals

Catholic health care facilities


Social Service Centers and Agencies

To Order Directory:

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lent leads to Spiritual Renewal

 Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

Pope describes ‘Lenten road’ that leads to renewal - Catholic News Agency (CNA)

The following excerpt is from Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Vatican City, Mar 9, 2011 (CNA/EWTN News).- During today’s general audience, Pope Benedict XVI invited the faithful make the “Lenten journey” together with Christ, to return to the grace and commitment of conversion, and reach Easter “renewed.”

More than 7,000 pilgrims and faithful were on hand at the Vatican's Paul VI Hall during the March 9 general audience. The gathering coincided with Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent.

The “austere symbol of the ashes” are the beginning of the spiritual path that leads to Easter, said the Pope. They are “a sign reminding us of our status as created beings and inviting us to penance, to intensify our commitment to conversion so as to continue following the Lord.”

At Ash Wednesday Masses all over the world, priests mark the beginning of Lent by making a sign of the cross with ashes on the foreheads of the faithful as a physical symbol of repentance and the temporary nature of earthly life.

“Lent is a journey,” said Pope Benedict. “It means accompanying Jesus as he travels to Jerusalem, the place where the mystery of his passion, death and resurrection is to be fulfilled.”

The season is a reminder to Christians of "the road to be traveled, consisting not so much in a law to be observed as in the person of Christ himself, who must be encountered, welcomed and followed."

This is experienced most of all through the liturgy in which believers are drawn closer to the figure of Christ by reliving the very events that granted man his salvation, he explained.

"Participating in the liturgy means then emerging our lives in the mystery of Christ, in his permanent presence, walking a path in which we enter into his death and resurrection to have life."

Pope Benedict explained that the liturgical readings of the Sundays of Lent—which were used in ancient times to prepare Christians for baptism—offer an opportunity for the faithful to return to the foundation of Christian life in a "baptismal itinerary."

"They are the great announcement of what God carries out in this Sacrament, a stupendous baptismal catechesis directed at each of us," he said.

Pope Benedict then walked through the successive readings for the Sundays of Lent.

Read more: Lent Leads to Renewal

Monday, February 07, 2011 is Now Optimized for Mobile Traffic

Miracle of the Sun
Rays of light flowing through stained glass window inside Blessed
Sacrament Chapel at World Apostolate of Fatima, USA. 
For more information, please click on link.
Photo by Loci B. Lenar
For Immediate Release is Now Optimized for Mobile Traffic

In order to attain a larger audience and to reach out with evangelization, Loci B. Lenar believes that combining mobile friendly technology will help make it easier for visitors to grow in their faith by connecting to the website of

Mobile users will automatically be redirected to a mobile version of the site when using the websites URL:  This new feature will easily display on all mobile phones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.

While exploring the website, Mr. Lenar believes that through the power of the Holy Spirit visitors will experience God's presence.

Corpus Christi Catholic Church
Sunlight flowing through stained glass windows and
creating beautiful reflection of colors on church floors.
Photo by Loci B. Lenar

By reading inspirational stories of faith and using daily devotional prayers, Lenar believes that Our Lord will refresh the soul and open the heart of people to receive God's blessing and peace.

In Matthew 11:28-29, Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

The site is a gathering place for all who are seeking Jesus, especially for Christians and Catholics to renew their faith through news of miracles.

With an increased number of reports related to the miraculous, Mr. Lenar in 2008 embarked on spreading the good news in order to create public awareness of signs and wonders arising from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Documentation is posted on the website of

Please consider answering the call by taking a leap of faith and opening the door for God to enter your life and to witness His divine love through inspiring news and miracles of faith by visiting

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith

Corpus Christi Church - Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith - Guideposts

The following excerpt is from renown author Joan Wester Anderson and can be read on the website of Guideposts:

By Joan Wester Anderson

One of my favorite fellow bloggers is Loci Lenar, who posts Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith. This blog documents current spiritual signs and wonders, happenings that make people sit up and take notice.

It’s a beautiful and colorful site—Loci is extremely tech-talented—but the content is even better because we are able to see it. For example, a lighted cross occasionally appears on Loci’s property, and he has posted photos of it on his site. No one has been able to trace the source of this light, but when we see it as an actual photo, it is far more impressive than just words. Loci also features a statue of Michael the Archangel, with stained glass glowing behind it. Again, there is no apparent source of light.

People contact Angels, Wonders and Miracles of Faith to ask for prayers, and Loci brings those requests to his spiritual adviser, Father Richard Tartaglia, of St. Mary’s parish in Denville, New Jersey.

Read More: Guideposts


The following excerpt is from the website of Joan Wester Anderson:

Joan Wester Anderson's 15 books include WHERE ANGELS WALK, TRUE STORIES OF HEAVENLY VISITORS, which was on the New York Times best-seller list for over a year, has sold almost two million copies and been translated into fourteen languages. Published in fall, 1994, were the sequel to ANGELS, titled WHERE MIRACLES HAPPEN, and for children, AN ANGEL TO WATCH OVER ME. Both books were written in response to suggestions from readers, and were followed in rapid succession by three more in this series. FOREVER YOUNG (Thomas More Publishers), the life story of actress Loretta Young, was published in November, 2000. The actress had read the angel series, and requested Anderson as her biographer. The two became close friends. Anderson’s book, IN THE ARMS OF ANGELS (Loyola Press) covers angelic activity primarily during the past decade, including stories of hope from the 9/11 and Columbine School tragedies. Her most recent books, GUARDIAN ANGELS (Loyola Press), and ANGELS AND WONDERS (Loyola Press), focus on amazing and tender stories of God’s answers to prayers.

Anderson has appeared on national television programs including “Good Morning America,” “Oprah,” “20/20,” “NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw” and “Mother Angelica Live,” and was featured in such documentaries as “Angels–Beyond the Light” (NBC), “Angel Stories” and “Stories of Miracles” (The Learning Channel), and many videos. She was a story consultant for the television series, IT’S A MIRACLE, lectures in cities across the country, and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio talk shows.

Anderson is a Catholic and member of St. Edna’s Parish in Arlington Heights IL., a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and a former adjunct professor at Harper Community College in Palatine, Illinois. She and her husband live in suburban Chicago, and have five grown children and four grandchildren.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Miracles of Mary" Documents Miracles of the Virgin Mary

The Miracles of Mary by Bridget Curran

The video and following information is from the website of Rome Reports:

Bridget Curran is an Australian film-maker and author who embarked on a journey to tell of everyday encounters with the Virgin Mary.

In her book “The Miracles of Mary,” Curran depicts encounters with Mary by Christians and non-Christians in the form of apparitions, weeping statues, and other miracles that she notes in detail.

Bridget says, “I've had some really interesting experiences while researching and since researching the book, with people from different faiths, there's quite an interesting Muslim devotion to Our Lady because they saw Jesus as a prophet and they saw Our Lady as someone to really be respected and to look up to.”

The book takes the reader on a tour through Africa, Asia, and Europe through stories that inspire, unite, and teach about ordinary people with extraordinary experiences.

Bridget says,“There are a lot of people that have shied away from the Church but still feel connection to Our Lady which is really lovely and I think very encouraging to help people come back and explore the Church again, and to understand their faith in a different way.”

Stories about apparitions of the Virgin Mary have surfaced around the world, including one in Champion, Wisconsin which was recently approved as the first Marian apparition site in the United States.

This apparition bears resemblance to one of Curran's favorites located in England because they both served to unite people.

Bridget says, “There are a couple of stories which I really love, one of them is Our Lady Walsingham, I was really touched by how it was one of oldest apparitions and one of the first major apparitions in the UK, it was from 12th century. It was really an apparition that brought people together from all different cultures.”

The book was first released in 2008 (Miracles of Mary) and has since reached audiences as diverse those in Brazil and Indonesia, as well as the United States and Europe.

Bridget says, “It's gone into Ireland, the UK, and Europe and it's had a really good response from the readers in the US and it's been lovely to see it kind of flourishing outside of anything that I've been doing so it's really encouraging that people are interested in Our Lady and finding out more.”

“Miracles of Mary” intends to teach about the beauty and grace that people have found in her. Curran continues to be interested in stories related to the Virgin Mary, a figure that she describes as one of love and maternal guidance.

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