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Sunday, January 07, 2018

The Epiphany of Our Lord

The Epiphany of Our Lord. 2018 by Stephen B Whatley
The Epiphany of Our Lord by Stephen B. Whatley | Flickr

By Stephen B. Whatley

The Epiphany of Our Lord - the visit of the Three Kings to humbly honour the Holy Baby Jesus in Bethlehem - is celebrated in the Catholic church here in the UK.

It's official date is January 6th, twelve days after Christmas and by The Grace of God I managed to paint this tribute yesterday, on the day (2018).

Blessings of Peace, love, light, hope, strength and humility ~ and healing wherever needed. There are so many prayers interwoven in these brushstrokes as it is the only way I can paint. God bless!"

~ Stephen B. Whatley, Artist, London UK

The art of Stephen B. Whatley is published on the website of

To view other works by the artist, please visit Mr. Whatley's website:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Heart of Divine Mercy

Heart of Divine Mercy. 2017 by Stephen B. Whatley

Heart of Divine Mercy by Stephen B. Whatley |

A new tribute drawing by expressionist artist Stephen B. Whatley, created 2017 on Divine Mercy Sunday after the Divine Mercy commemoration and Mass at Saint James's RC Church, Spanish Place, London, UK.

Pastel on paper - 16.5 x 11.5in / 42 x 30cm

Stephen B Whatley is an expressionist painter, published in TIME magazine, whose major commissions include architectural paintings for public institutions including The Royal Collection of HM Queen Elizabeth II, London Underground and the BBC; and 30 paintings commissioned by the Tower of London permanently showcased throughout Tower Hill Underpass at Tower Hill. He has been presented to HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in recognition of his work.

The artist’s vibrant oil paintings are in private collections worldwide and public collections
including BBC Heritage, Historic Royal Palaces, the London Transport Museum, the Royal Collection, Westminster Cathedral and The Carrollton School of The Sacred Heart, Miami, USA.

See more of Mr. Whatley's religious artwork: Christian Tributes

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Jesus, Lord of Miracles

Jesus, Lord of Miracles. 2016 by Stephen B. Whatley

New Catholic Tribute by International Artist Stephen B. Whatley | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

News from the artists' website: A new 2016 tribute to the miracles of Jesus, possible through complete Trust in the Lord and faith, created by artist Stephen B. Whatley on 30 April. This was a profound date in the artist's life in 1998 when he experienced a miracle that saved the lives of himself and a friend when in potentially mortal danger. His prayer was simply "Please help us God".

Since 2000, Whatley - a convert to Catholicism - has felt what he describes as a "divine push" to create Christian tributes of faith, love and hope - through prayer. His exhibition "Paintings of Prayer" was on show in Westminster Cathedral, London in 2013.

The work of Stephen B. Whatley has been published in TIME, is in collections worldwide and public collections including The Royal Collection of Queen Elizabeth II and BBC Heritage - while his series of 30 paintings commissioned by the Tower of London are permanently reproduced throughout the walkway outside Tower Hill Station, leading to the Tower.

Today is The Ascension of Our Lord: May there be miracles of healing, reconciliation, peace and prosperity.

Charcoal and pastel on paper.
23.4 x 16.5in/59 x 42cm

More beautiful artwork by Stephen B. Whatley can be seen on the website of

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saint Peregrine the Patron Saint of Cancer Sufferers

Saint Peregrine. 2016 by Stephen B. Whatley

Saint Peregrine - 2016 by Stephen B. Whatley | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

From the website of artist Stephen B. Whatley: A new tribute painting of the Patron Saint of Cancer Sufferers, Saint Peregrine by expressionist artist Stephen B. Whatley.

Saint Peregrine is also the Patron Saint of AIDS and other illnesses as well as Cancer - so may all those who meditate upon the image, created and infused with prayers, receive light, hope, protection and ultimate healing relief. Peace.

The artist - a Catholic convert since 2011 - often gets, through prayer, what he feels a 'Divine Push' to paint such Christian tributes and felt directed to paint Saint Peregrine, with prayers for healing, light and hope for those suffering cancer in his life - and worldwide.

He had a deep feeling the day of painting - 21 February - was a significant date; and later, after painting, realised it was the day in 1935 that Jesus had appeared to the Polish nun, Sister (since 2000, Saint) Faustina, requesting she seek an artist and have a painting made depicting His Divine Mercy.

Stephen B. Whatley has painted several Divine Mercy images over the years; some of which were exhibited in his 2013 exhibition 'Paintings From Prayer' at London's Westminster Cathedral. There is a permanent walkway of his series of 30 paintings for the Tower of London, outside Tower Hill Station, London. 

Peregrine Laziosi (Italy, c.1260-1345) experienced a miracle of healing in his own life, at 60, when a cancerous growth in his leg threatened amputation. The night before the amputation he spent praying before a fresco of The Crucifixion and later in a sleep state felt Jesus descend from The Cross to touch his leg. The next day the doctors found no trace of the cancer and he was pronounced cured; word spreading quickly of the power of Trust in the Lord. 

The National Shrine of Saint Peregrine is at Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This new painting took, alongside prayers, inspiration from a classic prayer card, acquired in New York in 2015.

More Information: 

Oil on canvas
30 x 24in/76 x 61cm   

Prayers to Saint Peregrine 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Holy Peace: The Solemnity of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Holy Peace: The Solemnity of The Blessed Virgin Mary. 2015 by Stephen B Whatley

New painting by artist Stephen B Whatley | Flickr - Photo Sharing

Reprinted with permission from the website of artist Stephen B. Whatley:

Today, February 11 is the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes - commemorating the miraculous visions to St. Bernadette in France in 1858, which have lead to numerous miraculous healings throughout the world.

This new painting commissioned by Catholic collectors in the USA was uniquely inspired by the recalling of a miraculous vision, evoking love and peace, of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit experienced in the past year.

Expressionist painter Stephen B. Whatley often selects significant dates to create his work and chose to begin this new tribute painting on January 1, the World Day of Peace and The Solemnity of The Blessed Virgin Mary; with a dependence on prayer, particularly to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The collectors who commissioned the work of art were introduced to the artist's work through a 2014 feature about his art by Erin Brierley in the US magazine, Saint Anthony Messenger; and overwhelmed with the painting, wish the painting to be shared publicly.

Stephen B. Whatley's work is in collections worldwide and public collections including The Royal Collection, BBC Heritage, the London Transport Museum & Westminster Cathedral - in which his exhibition, 'Paintings From Prayer' including his painting of Our Lady of Lourdes was shown in 2013.

His commission of 30 paintings for the Tower of London is reproduced permanently throughout Tower Hill Underpass that leads from Tower Hill Station to the historic Tower.

Holy Peace: The Solemnity of The Holy Spirit. 2015
Oil on canvas
32 x 24in/81 x 61cm

Private collection, North Carolina, USA.


Visit the following link to read Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist, a feature article first  published in 2011 by Catholic Life magazine. The article is reprinted on the website of

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Tribute to Saint Cecilia

St. Cecilia

Saint Cecilia by Stephen B. Whatley |

News excerpt from the website of the artist:

A new tribute painting of Saint Cecilia, Patron Saint of Musicians and Church Music - painted by expressionist artist Stephen B. Whatley on the 48th anniversary of his baptism in London, September 5, 2013.

It is said Cecilia, born in Rome in the 2nd century AD, "sang in her heart to the Lord" as the musicians played at her wedding - which inspired the liveliness of this painting.

Peace, Joy of Hope and Blessings.

Oil on canvas
27.5 x 19.5in/70 x 50cm

Saturday, August 31, 2013

▶ Modern Art by Stephen B. Whatley at Westminster Cathedral

August 2013 - YouTube

Exhibition of 'Paintings From Prayer' - including a new portrait tribute of Pope Francis by British expressionist painter Stephen B. Whatley, uniquely on show in the Chapels of St. Andrew and St. Patrick in Westminster Cathedral, London, UK, ( August 8- 22, 2013)

Whatley's work is in collections worldwide and public collections including BBC Heritage, the London Transport Museum and the Royal Collection. There is a permanent walkway of his 30 paintings for the Tower of London just outside Tower Hill Station, leading to The Tower.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stephen B. Whatley Exhibits 'Paintings from Prayer' in London Show

St. James by Stephen B. Whatley

Saint James by Stephen B. Whatley |

Catholic Life has published a feature story on Stephen B. Whatley in the April 2013 issue regarding his beautiful 'Paintings from Prayer' now on exhibition and available for purchase at St. James Church in London. The show runs from April 17 to May 19, 2013.

The art of Stephen B. Whatley is also featured in the September 2011 issue of Catholic Life magazine. His inspiring story of being Babtized as an Anglican and then later being confirmed in the Catholic Church is an amazing reflection of his spiritual journey of faith. The article is reprinted on the following link: Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist.  ~Loci B. Lenar

'Paintings from Prayer' Exhibition - St. James Church, London

The photos and following news item regarding the exhibition is reprinted from the website of Stephen B. Whatley:

Now showing in central London is Stephen B. Whatley's 'Paintings from Prayer' exhibition at The Rectory, St. James's Church, Spanish Place, 22 George Street, London W1 (17 April - 19 May 2013).

The most recent of the artist's Catholic tribute paintings, Saint James - or James The Greater, one of the twelve apostles is on exhibit at the show.

A catalyst for the inspiration was the Statue of Saint James that stands high in St James's Church, Spanish Place. As a pilgrim who preached the Gospel in Spain, he is depicted with a staff and water bottle, palm fronds and a sword, symbols of his martyrdom ; while the scallop shell upon his hat is a recognized symbol of pilgrims in the Holy Land, as the shells are bountiful on the shores of Palestine.

Stephen was confirmed a Roman Catholic on this day April 23rd, in 2011, at St James's Church, Spanish Place; and his confirmation name is James.

April 2013 Catholic Life Magazine

For further information on where and when to see the exhibition in which this new painting is featured, please see the press release: Paintings from Prayer

St. James
Painted in 2013
Oil on canvas
35 x 24in/90 x 60cm

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Remarkable Artwork of Stephen B. Whatley

Our Lady of Lourdes by Stephen B. Whatley

The Art of Stephen B. Whatley - 

Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

Stephen B. Whatley is a remarkable and a multi-talented artist.  His colorful artwork spans an array of topics from Christian Tributes, still-life, portraits to landscapes and cityscapes. 

Stephen resides in the UK while his art is in many private collections throughout the world including the USA.  His artwork has been featured in Time magazine, USA Today, The London Times newspaper, and his tribute to Elizabeth Taylor was featured on CNN.

Stephen's commissions include Buckingham Palace and a series of 30 paintings for Her Majesty's Tower of London to name just a few.  

I recently ordered two collectible prints from the artist which arrived from the UK on Friday. The two signed prints include Our Lady of Lourdes and The Virgin Mary of Breezy Point, New York. The vibrant and multihued prints of Our Lady will add a colorful and uplifting presence to my home.  The prints of Our Lady are quite stunning!

Stephen's new painting of Saint Andrew is one of many brilliant portraits of saints that he has painted in recent years.

However, his beautiful cityscape of the Avenue of the Americas, NYC, painted in January of 2013 is refreshing and puts a colorful perspective on one of my favorite cities!  My wife, Teresa and I often visit New York City to see Broadway shows and enjoy lunch or dinner at Carmine's on West 44th Street. The new pastel painting is reflective of the ambiance that Manhattan has to offer while visiting the city.
If your interested in original art or prints of Stephen B. Whatley, please visit his website and view his Online Gallery.

The following new paintings and description is reprinted by permission from the artist:

Saint Andrew by Stephen B. Whatley

The artist felt compelled to pay tribute to this apostle (see image on top) - sometimes called the first friend of Jesus - with prayers and great compassion for a dear friend, Andrew - a devout Catholic from Ireland - who has been fighting throat cancer.

Painted on the Feast Day of St Andrew - November 30, 2012 ( also the National Day of Scotland) - the artist viewed various historic images of Saint Andrew that reveal him usually depicted in late middle age often carrying the cross, upon which he was crucified. He was also inspired by the statue of Saint Andrew in St Patrick's Cathedral, New York City - which features strongly in the romantic Hollywood feature film, Miracle In The Rain (US 1956).

St Andrew was known for his self-effacement and generosity and is Patron Saint of fishermen, and rope makers.

Oil on canvas,
27 x 19.5in/ 68.6 x 50cm


Avenue of the Americas, NYC by Stephen B. Whatley

The most recent work in a series of paintings and drawings of New York City by expressionist artist Stephen B. Whatley.

This drawing - made on the first day of 2013 - was inspired by 3 drawings made on location in October 2010 from the edge of Central Park, looking up the Avenue of The Americas, more commonly known as 6th Avenue. Captured here, below the eclectic mix of architecture, is one of the horses and carriages that passed by as Stephen drew - a romantic feature of this area of Manhattan.

Avenue of the Americas, NYC.  January 1, 2013
Pastel on paper, 23.4 x 16.5in/ 59 x 42cm

Friday, January 13, 2012

Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist

September 2011 issue of Catholic Life

Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

With permission of Stephen B. Whatley and Catholic Life magazine, we are reprinting a feature article about this talented contemporary artist on

With the start of 2012, this story is making its public debut for the very first time on the internet. The feature first appeared in the September 2011 issue of Catholic Life, published in England, UK. Stephen is also a resident of London.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary by Stephen B. Whatley

Painting in bold and colorful abstract strokes, this Expressionist artist is gaining international recognition with collectors, especially for his Christian Tributes.

"My work springs from my heart and soul and I give credit to God. I thank God in particular for the blessing of sight..." -Stephen B. Whatley    
Stephen B. Whatley

Baptized as an Anglican, Stephen B. Whatley was drawn to the Catholic Church by friends that he met at school and also was influenced through liturgy of the faith by attending Mass. The life of the saints have left a profound impression on Stephen while his portraits of Jesus and the Blessed Mother are a reflection of his strong Christian faith. All of this combined with prayer has led him to be a practicing Catholic.

In light of the fact that many Anglicans are joining the Catholic Church today, I believe this artists' spiritual journey of faith is one of many signs of God's plan in unifying Christianity.

Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist is a heartfelt and amazing front page feature in Catholic Life magazine written by Tony Galcius.  

This feature story can be read on at the following link: Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist

To visitors of, Stephen's artwork appears on several pages with devotional prayers, including The Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Go! Sign: Christ in the Deaf Community

Go! Sign Magazine - Issue 77

Go! Sign Magazine: Christ in the Deaf Community

Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

Recently I was contacted by Esther Maycock, Media Co-ordinator and editor of "Go! Sign," a magazine that she indicates helps meet the individual spiritual and social needs of Deaf people.

Esther requested permission to use two of my photographs in the Summer 2011 issue, which by the way is published in the UK. I am delighted to announce that two stained glass windows which I photographed in St. Jude's Catholic Church and St. Virgil Church, both located in NJ, are published on page 22 in this beautiful and informative magazine. The photographs are used for an article that explains the mystery of the Holy Trinity. 

I believe it's very important to reach out with the gospels by helping everyone in need of God's blessing and grace, especially through such inspiring magazines as Go! Sign.

The Lamb of God - St. Virgil Church, Morris Plains, NJ
Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

The following excerpt is from the website of

Of the 250,000 people who use British Sign Language (BSL) as their first or second language, only 2% are professing Christians mainly due to the lack of BSL or interpreted services. Globally, they are the fourth largest unreached group in the world. Our vision is to see more Deaf people coming to know Christ through our mission “Go! SIGN” Christ in the Deaf Community” focusing on evangelism, Christian network, teaching, equipping and outreach work.

Baptism of Jesus - St. Jude's Catholic Church - Hopatcong, NJ
Photograph by Loci B. Lenar

In fulfilling the “Go! SIGN Christ in the Deaf Community” vision, GO! SIGN (the working name of Christian Deaf Link UK) is dedicated to serving the spiritual and social needs of Deaf people, their families and friends through the G.R.A.C.E. programme:

  • Growth in the network of Deaf Christian groups, leaders, churches, fellowship and individuals
  • Renewal and spiritual growth through training, support, events and conferences
  • Access to information promoting Deaf Christian issues, support and service provisions
  • Churches: strengthening members through Deaf Spiritual Awareness, network support and equipping
  • Evangelism via drama shows, video resources and training
To achieve this purpose, Go! Sign, as an interdenominational organisation, works towards:

Developing and providing opportunities to Deaf people, their families and friends, recognising and accepting each other to serve in the Christian community;

Developing public awareness and breaking down barriers created by society’s attitude towards deafness and the consequences of being Deaf in the wider Christian community;

Offering Deaf people full responsibility and leadership in all areas of work through role-model examples and training;

Offering opportunities to Deaf people, as fellow-workers with hearing Christians, to demonstrate their abilities and potential, and gain acknowledgement of God’s given gifts;

Offering advice, information and support to enable Deaf people to increase their self-esteem and skills in their own churches and/or fellowship groups;

Reaching out to the Deaf Community through Christian and Outreach programmes.

For more information, visit the following link: Go! Sign

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Catholic Life: Stephen B. Whatley the Praying Artist

Commentary by Loci B. Lenar

Stephen B. Whatley is a gifted and talented artist that paints with spiritual inspiration, which flows from his heart and soul on to the canvas in a contemporary flair of abstract colors. 

Stephen's Christian art is featured in the September 2011 issue of Catholic Life magazine.

I am very grateful to Stephen for allowing me to post his beautiful work on this blog.

His artwork is also on the homepage of and can be seen throughout our site with corresponding devotional prayers, including The Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Prayers to Our Lady of Lourdes.


By Stephen B. Whatley

Blessed with my biggest interview and feature to date about my work and faith in Catholic Life magazine (September 2011) which has honoured me with the cover and a 6-page feature that includes 10 pictures.

Tony Glacius who interviewed me in July has written a powerful and hard hitting feature that covers my life experiences and career - all aspects including my expressions of my faith. From early tragedy, to the solace and trials of working with my art. The feature includes details on one of the spiritual experiences during one of my portrait sittings with a TV personality; my Royal commissions; and the profound reactions of American nuns, who discovered my work.

Catholic Life is available in the UK, USA and Canada. Deep gratitude to Tony Galcius and editor Brendan Gilligan who presented this feature so beautifully.

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Book Series to Feature the Christian Art of Stephen B. Whatley

The Glory of Christ
Painting by Stephen B. Whatley

New Book Series to Feature the Christian Art of Stephen B Whatley in 2011 - Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Editors at SPCK (Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge) have commissioned to publish four of expressionist artist Stephen B. Whatley's Christian paintings on the covers of a new series of books, 'Meeting Jesus' by best-selling US author Marcus J. Borg, whose works have been published in 9 languages.

The painting, The Glory of Christ (detail of picture shown above) will be the cover for the first book in the series, 'Meeting Jesus' which is due for publication in February 2011.

To see the full image as it will be appear on the cover, please click on the following link:

SPCK has also published Stephen B. Whatley's iconic portrait of Christ: 'Jesus: Feast Day of the Divine Mercy' (painted in 2003).  The painting is on the cover of The Historical Jesus: Five Views.  The book was published in February 2010.  The Christian book publisher is located in London.

The Glory of Christ- Easter Day 2008
Oil on canvas
30 x 24in/76 x 61cm

More about the artist: Stephen B. Whatley

Copyright 2010 Stephen B. Whatley

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Barber in Rome Says Praying to John Paul II Cured Him of a Hernia

The barber shop miracle -Times Online

The photograph and excerpt written by Richard Owen appeared on Times Online:

"I am not a saint, I am a sinner" says Giovanni Vecchio as he snips at a customer's hair in his barber's shop in a side street of a workaday Rome suburb. "But I have known a saint." He pauses, scissors in mid-air. "In fact, I have cut his hair".

If - or when - the late Pope John Paul II is canonised, it will be in part thanks to Mr Vecchio. Over 30 years ago, when the barber's shop he worked in was near the Vatican, a Polish prelate called Karol Wojtyla wandered in, sat down, and had his hair cut. He became a regular customer.

Mr Vecchio had no idea who "Father Karol" was, still less that he was to become "papabile". "He told me once he was bishop of Krakow, but to me they were all priests. I called them all Father".

But the encounter changed his life: last year, when he was entering hospital in great pain for a hernia operation, he saw a black and white photograph of John Paul II as a young man hanging at the entrance, and "our eyes met". Shortly afterwards, he was discharged. The hernia - and the pain - had miraculously disappeared.

The "barber's miracle" does not form part of the case for beatifiying John Paul - expected in October - for which the miracle most likely to be approved involves a French nun cured of Parkinson's disease after praying to John Paul. Nor can it be considered for the second "medically inexplicable cure" required for canonisation, since that must take place after beatification.

It has, however, been recorded by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints as evidence of the reverence and devotion toward John Paul. "To me the canonisation announcement itself is not important" Mr Vecchio says at his salon, "Gianni's". "For me, as for many others, he is already a saint".

"A year ago I developed a serious problem in my back. It got worse and worse, and in the end I saw a neurosurgeon who said I had a herniated disc and would have to have an operation."

He decided to go into hospital at the end of July so he could convalesce during August. "I was in great pain," he says, limping across the floor to show how he could hardly walk. The day before the operation "the surgeon came to see the patients. He looked at my notes and made me press my left knee against his arm as hard as I could, and looked at me with some surprise. He said I would have to have more tests."

After the new tests "the nurse came along and told me that they were sending me home. A woman doctor put up the two test results against the glass, and showed me that there was nothing there. She said to me "I don't believe in miracles, but something has happened". I thanked her, stood up and went home. Ten days later I went down to my home village in Apulia for the holidays, 650 kilometres in the car there and back without a single problem".

After the holiday, "something woke me up at four in the morning. I sat down at the computer, and found the Internet page about the beatification of John Paul II. I'm a barber, I'm not very good at writing, or computers, but I wrote down my experiences the way I've told them to you, and sent it off."

A month later he had a call from Vatican Radio to say his testimony was "convincing" and "reliable". He has since featured on Italian television and in Italian magazines after Pope Benedict XVI, who has put John Paul on the fast-track to sainthood, recognised his predecessor's "heroic virtues", a step before beatification.

Could his remarkable recovery not just be coincidence? Coincidences do happen, he replies, 'but no, all this has happened through John Paul's intercession. I am not religious, but I believe in him". Last November, after watching a documentary about John Paul's election, he resolved to find a photograph of the occasion to add to the mementoes in his shop.

"I went downstairs the next morning, walked out of the door, and there on the pavement, rolled up as if someone had just thrown it away, was a small devotional image of John Paul II as he appeared on the balcony that day in 1978. I found another one just the same on New Year's Eve, and another on a fridge magnet someone had thrown away. Now explain that."

To read the complete story, visit the following link: The Barber Shop Miracle 

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