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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Vatican Museums in 3D: Documentary will hit international big screens starting December 10th

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About six million people visit the Vatican museums every year. For those who can't make the trip, now there's a 3D experience where viewers can see it all up close and personal. 

Vatican Museums 3D, Producer 
"With this 3D footage you feel like you're actually visiting the museum. It's as if you're reaching out and touching the works or art. It seems like you're part of the frescoes, in  all their dimensions.” 

Making this happen wasn't easy. It was the first time Ultra HD/3D cameras were allowed to film inside the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. Day in and day out, a team of 40 Italian crew members, were given unlimited access to priceless pieces of art. In essence, it's an attempt to make a masterpiece out of a masterpiece. 

Vatican Museums 3D, Producer
"Our team covered the Vatican's Raphael rooms. We also include works by Giotto and Caravaggio. There's also some pieces from the Museum of Modern Art, done by Dali and Van Gogh.” 

After four months of post-production, a one hour documentary will hit international big screens starting December 10, 2014. More than 500 theaters will show the film, through the SpectiCast Network and the Fathom Event's Digital Broadcast Network. 

Vatican Museums 3D, Producer
"The audience will never forget what it sees, because the images include so much detail. The narration that accompanies the film is also very original. It describes the history of Laocoonte, the Torso of Belvedere and of course the Sistine Chapel. You can't forget it.” 

A documentary that triggers intrigue and inspiration, based on some of the most powerful works of art, ever produced by mankind.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sister Briege McKenna, a Nun with the Gift of Healing

Sister Briege McKenna, a nun with the gift of healing and who ministers to priests

The following excerpt is from the website of

For the past 35 years, Sister Briege McKenna (St. Clare Sisters Retreat Ministry) has traveled more than 1 million miles to more than 100 countries to minister to priests.

She feels she received her call from God to speak on the priesthood years after she was miraculously cured of arthritis during the celebration of the Eucharist. She says God told her there was going to be a great shortage of priests and that many would reject the priesthood.

"And I said to the Lord there is no way, Lord. I'm a first grade teacher. I can't do that. And I got this most extraordinary love for the priesthood, and the Lord said in a voice I could almost hear, you don't do it, just be obedient, just listen and I'll do it through you."

Although she said she was scared, she put her trust in God and now helps priests and encourages others to join the vocation.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Book Describes how Angels have Helped Popes throughout History

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The followining information is from the website of

This italian priest is dedicating his life to promote the proper devotion to angels. That's why Father Marcello Stanzione has written several books on these heavenly beings.

His most recent work describes how angels have helped popes throughout history. His book, The Pope and the Angels, begins by saying how guardian angels are a special help to anyone.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Miracles of Mary" Documents Miracles of the Virgin Mary

The Miracles of Mary by Bridget Curran

The video and following information is from the website of Rome Reports:

Bridget Curran is an Australian film-maker and author who embarked on a journey to tell of everyday encounters with the Virgin Mary.

In her book “The Miracles of Mary,” Curran depicts encounters with Mary by Christians and non-Christians in the form of apparitions, weeping statues, and other miracles that she notes in detail.

Bridget says, “I've had some really interesting experiences while researching and since researching the book, with people from different faiths, there's quite an interesting Muslim devotion to Our Lady because they saw Jesus as a prophet and they saw Our Lady as someone to really be respected and to look up to.”

The book takes the reader on a tour through Africa, Asia, and Europe through stories that inspire, unite, and teach about ordinary people with extraordinary experiences.

Bridget says,“There are a lot of people that have shied away from the Church but still feel connection to Our Lady which is really lovely and I think very encouraging to help people come back and explore the Church again, and to understand their faith in a different way.”

Stories about apparitions of the Virgin Mary have surfaced around the world, including one in Champion, Wisconsin which was recently approved as the first Marian apparition site in the United States.

This apparition bears resemblance to one of Curran's favorites located in England because they both served to unite people.

Bridget says, “There are a couple of stories which I really love, one of them is Our Lady Walsingham, I was really touched by how it was one of oldest apparitions and one of the first major apparitions in the UK, it was from 12th century. It was really an apparition that brought people together from all different cultures.”

The book was first released in 2008 (Miracles of Mary) and has since reached audiences as diverse those in Brazil and Indonesia, as well as the United States and Europe.

Bridget says, “It's gone into Ireland, the UK, and Europe and it's had a really good response from the readers in the US and it's been lovely to see it kind of flourishing outside of anything that I've been doing so it's really encouraging that people are interested in Our Lady and finding out more.”

“Miracles of Mary” intends to teach about the beauty and grace that people have found in her. Curran continues to be interested in stories related to the Virgin Mary, a figure that she describes as one of love and maternal guidance.

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