Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Woman says Pope John Paul II behind miracle cure

Statue of Pope John Paul II
Photo by Loci B. Lenar

Lockport woman says Pope John Paul II behind miracle cure - Herald News

The following excerpt is from the Herald News:

LOCKPORT, IL — Mary Kern says a miracle cured her of eyelid spasms that could have caused blindness.

That miracle, she says, came in 2009 after her prayers to the late Pope John Paul II that asked him to intercede on her behalf before God.

Now the Lockport woman is petitioning the Vatican to have her miracle recognized as a grounds to elevate John Paul to sainthood.

This Sunday, John Paul will be beatified based upon a miracle reported in France. That brings the former pontiff one step closer to sainthood.

A second confirmed miracle — and Kern is hoping it is hers — would make John Paul eligible for full sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

Kern prays to God every day. She had a strong prayer life before her illness struck in 2006. In 2008, she began to pray particularly for healing. And since her healing in 2009, she has prayed every day in gratitude.

“I had a good prayer life before this, but this has made me more aware of miracles in life, miracles in other people’s lives that they take for granted,” Kern said. “It makes me more aware of the goodness of God, of the greatness of God, and that he does answer prayers — not always in the way we want them, but he does answer prayers.”

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  1. last 2010, i was going through a phase of confusion because of love and relations. i came across the page of PJP II, i was very much moved by his prayer... To the Spirit of Light and Love...

    May the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Pentecost, help you to clarify what is ambiguous, to give warmth to what is indifferent, to enlighten what is obscure, to be before the world true and generous witnesses of Christ’s love, for no one can live without love.

    [L’Osservatore Romano, 6-16-80]

    i prayed this prayer for 3 days and 3 nights... on the 4th day, i woke up with zest i have never felt. all i knew was that i wanted to go to mass that day, it was a regular wednesday. i have not been as excited to go to mass for such a long long time. During homily, the priest said... "we often pray for almost everyone in our lives... that they be blessed and well... but let me ask you this. DO YOU EVER PRAY FOR YOURSELF? FOR YOUR HEALING? THAT GOD WOULD HEAL YOU FROM ALL THE PAIN OR SUFFERING YOU HAVE WITHIN YOU? It is not good to be living a life filled with hatred, anger or even bitterness. TO PRAY TO GOD TO HELP YOU FORGIVE THOSE WHO HAVE HURT YOU...."

    I do not know what came over me. i felt some energy striking my heart and pushing out the tears from my eyes. i cried incessantly until the end of the mass. i have gone to many retreats... or prayer conferences... but never have i cried so much.

    i have kept so much bitterness in me all these years that it caused that emptiness in my life.

    i felt i was a new person after that mass... and in some ways, i have learned to forgive and let go... it is still a continuing process i know... cos life is..

    i consider this as a miracle in my life by PJP II cos through his prayer and through his intercession i was touched by the Holy Spirit and experience my very own PENTECOST

  2. all i ever had was faith to begin with.... and i know my faith in God will bring the joy back in my eyes....