Friday, July 16, 2010

Woman Claims Cancer Cured By Prayer


Woman Claims Cancer Cured By Miracle

Archdiocese Of St. Louis Is Investigating And Is Sending Its Findings To The Vatican.

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ST. LOUIS, MO ( - Was a cancer recovery a miracle? The St. Louis Catholic Archdiocese thinks so. They say a St. Louis woman's cancer has vanished because of her prayers to a priest who's now on the verge of becoming a saint. They've asked the Vatican to certify her case miracle.

There are some things medical science can't explain. Rachel Lozano's cure is one of them. Rachel Lozano was first diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when she was fifteen. By the year 2000 it looked hopeless. On a church trip that year to the Vatican for a ceremony honoring Father William Chaminade. she prayed that Father William Chaminade to heal her.

Her prayers continued. So did the cancer. Finally, she was given weeks to live. When surgeons operated they found a dead tumor. Six years later Lozano remains cancer-free. After an investigation the St. Louis Archdiocese concluded it was the prayers and Chaminnade that cured the cancer. If the Vatican agrees chances are good that Chaminade, a French priest and founder of the Marianist order could become a saint.


  1. good thing it was god who cured cancer and not some mumbo jumbo the scientists throw at us, like a higher apoptotic rate in cell exchange in tumors, or inactivation of telomerases or a tumor producing antiangiogenic factors. I cant even understand those things so it must be false! it was god!